'Logbook' Newsletter T3 2022



Term 3 has come with big changes and big achievements for our community. This term, we’re celebrating Marauders on stages across the world as well as here in our Inner West home. With 75 members this year, our team has also been working on a few changes behind the scenes to help us keep thriving. Read on to find out more!

Marauders in medal rush at Commonwealth Fencing Championships

Over August, three of our Marauders joined the Australian team in London, UK, to take on the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Cadet (Under 17), Junior (Under 20) and Senior sabre categories. Gaia (16), Leo (19) and Daniel (14) were part of a rush of Australian podium finishes at the University of East London, with our Women’s Sabre Team performing a clean sweep of the titles while the Men’s Sabre Team similarly matched with bronze medals in all 3 categories.

You’re invited to Parent Fencing Day!

It’s the footwork down the hallway, lunges to grab their cups, and engarde position when they’re standing - As a fencing parent, you’ve seen it and supported it all. There’s no question that our Marauders have a passion for fencing that never leaves them. Although you may not understand it at times, it’s strangely infectious…

Parent Fencing Day is all about parents learning about their child’s passion hands-on. Bring your parent or follow your child onto the training floor and join in on the amazing experience our Marauders immerse themselves in every week. Our Parent Fencing Day session will be a crash course designed to teach parents the basics with their child’s help. Marauders will have a chance to share their experience and support their parents with their own fencing expertise!

After our session, we’d also like to head over to a local cafe near the PCYC. Details will be released closer to the date. Let us know if you or your parents would like to come have a chat together over coffee or tea!

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What “fencing” shoes should I be wearing?

New club equipment hire policy for 2023

As a not-for-profit community sporting club, Marrickville Marauders has always been dedicated to providing access to our sport for all members of our local community. Since our inception, we’ve had an open door policy for use of club equipment and every year, our club spends a huge amount of funds on its upkeep. After 13 years, we’ve decided that it is now time to introduce an equipment hire program for our club. We know this will have a direct impact on our members so we want to be transparent about the reasons why and how it will work.

Our membership has been growing by leaps and bounds, and with it, the cost of maintaining the increasing sets of equipment at a standard that keeps our Marauders safe every day. Our COVID-19 experience has also taught us to be more hygiene-conscious of equipment use, especially regarding masks, jackets and gloves. Hence in future, masks and fencing jackets will be available for hire so that you are able to take them as your own. However, gloves and wires will no longer be available for general borrowing. Electric jackets and sabres will remain available for borrowing at the club.

Our equipment hire program will come into effect at the beginning of next year 2023. The cost of equipment hire will be kept as low as possible to cover costs and allow us to continue to offer equipment at a safe and hygienic standard. We will share more details about this soon.

10% off Fencing Gear with Swordsplay

Maybe you’re looking for an early Christmas present or just want to feel fresh and stylish on the piste? We’re working with Jeff from Swordsplay to help you get your very own fencing gear. As a close friend of our club and a fencing parent himself to Marauder Gaia and Coach Kai, Jeff has offered Marrickville Marauders members a 10% discount across all his equipment.

Jeff will be attending the club on Saturday 22 October at the beginning of the session to make purchases easier and allow Marauders to try on equipment for size. However, as he cannot travel all his stock, please fill in the order form below so that he can bring the items and sizes you are interested in. He will be able to take cash or card on the day.

Sizing chart with measurements can be found on the Swordsplay website. If the equipment you’re looking for isn’t listed, please contact Jeff privately via email at jeff@swordsplay.com.

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Upcoming dates

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